I’m Veronica Bahn

Side Hustle Expert™

“Be so visible you can’t be ignored.”

Want To Start A Side-Hustle?

Allow me to help you discover your strengths, optimize them and turn your passion into a side-hustle.

Next, I’ll show you how to build your side-hustle into a thriving business through social media marketing and be so visible you can’t be ignored!

Take The Next Step ...

Congratulations! The foundation for your Side-Hustle is built.

Now what?

Social media marketing is the #1 item you need to tackle after you create your side hustle.

Businesses of all sizes need a strong digital presence to be successful in today’s world.

With Transform Your Social Media, I’ll give you the tools you need to thrive online and show you how to move your business up the digital-ladder.

It’s time to level-up and be so visible you can’t be ignored!

Hello Sunshine!

Welcome to the world of the SIDE HUSTLE!

I’m Veronica Bahn, the Side Hustle Expert™, and I’m excited to empower forward-thinking businesswomen just like you, “BE SO VISIBLE THEY CAN’T BE IGNORED.”

Is your goal to impact the world around you by problem-solving for your ideal clients?

Do you want to create financial security or have the flexibility to spend more time with your family doing the things you love?

Wonderful! I can give you the tools to expand your already excellent treasure chest of knowledge and life skills to help you increase your visibility and grow your side-hustle by developing your digital footprint.

As we co-create your optimal business plan, I’ll inspire your spirit and help you achieve outstanding results by showing you how to step out of the sea of sameness and go from ordinary to extraordinary with your online presence.

Why work with me?

With my marketing background, coaching experience, and entrepreneurial successes, I’ll take you from developing your side-hustle to transforming it into your dream business with a clear and definite plan.

I’ll show you how to ‘be social to grow social’ and help you move forward with the foundation of your side-hustle to build the pillars of your business – starting with transforming your digital presence – so you can be so visible you can’t be ignored!


“Veronica has helped to guide me in the direction to support my own creative ambition into something that I can bring into the world. She has inspired me to be felt, seen and heard.”

Annie Gerber

Veronica is incredibly knowledgeable and positive when giving marketing advice. She gave me several ideas regarding how to improve my marketing efforts. I highly recommend her!

Carol Mickey

“Veronica Bahn has changed my life! She is an absolute gem with a kind heart and wise mind she will push you with a tough push or a soft hand – really, she is an award-winning awesome – you would be lucky to be a part of her world!”

Courtney Crooke

About Me

What if you could operate from your heart and reprogram your brain? What if you were allowed to live in the moment and your purpose where there is no agenda?

This is what I have found possible as I guide women to create their own Side Hustle. I love coaching them on how to let go of what does not serve them. Transforming them into becoming the CEO of their Side Hustle. Starting a business that speaks to their purpose while creating financial stability. Discovering freedom while working from home. Experiencing the flexibility to do what they want when they want and how they want to do it.

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