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 by Carol Mickey
Great Marketing Advice

Veronica is incredibly knowledgeable and positive when giving marketing advice. She gave me several ideas regarding how to improve my marketing efforts. I highly recommend her!

 by Annie Gerber

Veronica has helped to guide me in the direction to support my own creative ambition into something that I can bring into the world.
She has inspired me to be felt, seen and heard.
With her vast knowledge, professionalism and eagerness to find solutions, she offers gentle insightful guidance to help me grow by helping set realistic goals.
Thank you so much Veronica!!

 by Cheryl Sosowski
Soulful, Sweet and SMART.

Veronica has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is honest and communicates what she sees you need for your business. And she GETS that I am a soul-preneur and radiates kindness and joy. I love working with her and highly recommend her to anyone!

 by Maria Tomas-Keegan
From Advisor to Valued Team Member

It started with Veronica's FB Boot Camp. Her course is jam-packed with tips, techniques, and tools to help anyone who wants to improve their business marketing presence on Social Media.

The deeper she took us in the Bootcamp, the more I realized I needed her to DO this for me rather than teach me how to do it. She taught me how to fish, but I decided to hand her the pole!

Veronica made valuable contributions to my team starting from day one. She does it with heart and compassion, and she lovingly lets me know when I need to step out of my own way to do something uncomfortable on social media.

I can't imagine doing this online business without her. Veronica is a life-long learner and, if she doesn't know something, she taps into her resources, gets answers, and puts things into play seamlessly. Then she shares what she's learned without reservation.


 by L. Stewart, Vegupgetdirty
My Experience With Veronica

“Veronica has a very kind, attention to detail personality. She has a soft approach and listens to me with genuine heart that truly wants to help me succeed. I never feel like a number with her or that she is superior over me. I don’t feel like a bullet point on a 1, 2, 3 list that should be put into a cookie cutter, I don’t feel like 1 size fits all with Veronica.”

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